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20/3/15 - Astor 8 Digit Gerber Centrifuge - OFFICIAL LAUNCH! Print E-mail

We are proud to inform you about our immediate launch of our new Astor 8 Digit Gerber Centrifuge. This version replaces the previous model Astor 8 New whose production has been discontinued.

Astor 8 Digit has improved characteristics, such as a digital display for the setting and the visualization of the centrifugation time, coloured LED lights to show the status of the centrifuge and other great advantages.

Please, check for all its innovative features!


13/6/14 - Quick Afla M1Strip Test, new rapid kit for Aflatoxin M1 in milk Print E-mail

We are proud to announce the international launch of our new kit for the qualitative/semiquantitative determination of Aflatoxin M1 in milk samples: Quick Afla M1 Strip Test.

This complete kit allows the test to be run in 10 minutes only, ensuring reliable results with visual reading or by means a specific reader. The kit requires no incubator, nor any optional accessory or consumable.

The test can be realized everywhere, on every kind of bench and even in a office. The kit comes with all that is needed for the analysis, including a reusable 200-microliter micropipette and the disposable plastic tips.

Quick Afla M1 Strip Test is based on European (50 ppt). When the kit is used in combination with the RDS-1500 PRO Strip Reader, the results are quantitative within the range 10 - 350 ppt approx.. 

More details can be found here.

20/3/14 - Improved version of the Osmometers Cryobasic 20 and CryoStyle 40 Print E-mail

The Osmometers Cryobasic 20 and CryoStyle 40 are now available in their upgraded version with an extended analytical range from 0 to 3000 mOsm/Kg and a new sample volume between 50 and 200 µl.

It is now possible to use disposable plastic tubes, which are the perfect solution for all clinic-biologic applications and to test samples that may be contaminated or potentially dangerous.

These carousel-based models are the only osmometers in the world that allow automatic analyses of more samples at a time, without the presence of an operator, with the new and above mentioned characteristics.

More details about these great equipments can be found in their related pages of this website. 

25/11/13 - OsmoSpecial 1 Osmometer has been launched! Print E-mail

The new OsmoSpecial 1 Osmometer has been launched!

OsmoSpecial 1 is an affordable semiautomatic osmometer, particularly addressed to all clinical or pharmaceutical laboratories with a limited budget and/or just a few samples/day to analyse.

OsmoSpecial 1 can be successfully applied to osmolality measurements of a wide range of liquid samples or water solutions, such as biological, pharmaceutical, homeopatic solutions, or else. The determination is quick and easy and it is based on the measurement of the cryoscopic point of the sample.

Look for more characteristics in the related page of this website!

1/11/13 - New and more precise versions of HotCold140 and HotCold240 Print E-mail

The new versions of our HotCold140 and HotCold240 refrigerated incubators are already available! They are characterized by a better temperature precision and a higher stability in the incubation chamber: ±1,0°C.

Now, the temperature range runs from 5° to 55°C, with the same declared temperature variation.

HotCold140 and HotCold240 include an improved thermalregulator with acoustic/visual alarms for over-/under-temperatures, unworking temperature probe and open door.

We also inform you that the Hot140 and Hot240 versions are out of production.

More details can be found in the related page of this website.

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