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30/11/15 - AstorBath XL: the new universal high-capacity waterbath Print E-mail

Astori Tecnica is proud to announce the release of a new universal digital waterbath: AstorBath XL.

Thanks to its robust structure and its large and high bath in stainless steel, this equipment can be used in all laboratory applications where a high-capacity waterbath is required.

The Gerber method and all microbiological uses are only ones of the possible applications: the butyrometers can be incubated under the water level including their graduated scale, whereas tubes, bottles and other high containers can be easily thermostated.

More information can be found in the related pages of this website, as usual.

8/4/11 - New quantitative Gluten ELISA Kit Print E-mail

Astori Tecnica launches a new, quantitative and very specific Gluten ELISA Kit.

Based on a new generation polyclonal antibody, this kit is an excellent solution for the detection of very small traces of gliadins (gluten) in food samples and raw materials. Its high specificity to gliadins of all cereals, its great detection limit of 1 ppm of gliadins (2 ppm of gluten) and its fast extraction procedure thanks to two innovative extraction supplements for cooked and raw samples characterize this new product with strong advantages.

As usual, further details can be found in the relative webpage of this site.

18/3/11 - AstorClave: the new vertical benchtop autoclave - NOW AVAILABLE! Print E-mail

Astori Tecnica announces the official launch of the new benchtop 20-liter autoclave: AstorClave.

Thanks to its safety devices, its robust stainless steel internal chamber, its safety closure and high reliability, AstorClave is excellent for every kind of laboratories and studies.

Its price is extraordinarily competitive! Please, check for more details in its related page of this website and enquiry for its special price!

28/2/11 - Restyling of DIGI-6 Kjeldahl Digestor and Astor 20 Colony Counter Print E-mail

A restyled version of two important equipments of our own production will be available soon: DIGI-6 Kjeldahl Digestor and Astor 20 Colony Counter.

The DIGI-6 Digestor will be equipped with a digital thermalregulator located on the right of the heating block, in a safer position that can avoid any damage due to the possible fall of drops of acids caused by the normal handling of the digestion tubes. The new design includes the higher position of the acid fume tubes and conveyor, which offers an easier positioning/handling of the tubes in the heating block; these operations are even more simplified by the use of the optional rack with lateral handles.

The Astor 20 Colony Counter will be provided with a new Petri dish holder, back-lit by long-lasting LED lights. This new important feature will offer a better light diffusion and a ridiculous electric consumption (2 W).

These two versions will be available as soon as our current stock of the previous models are over. The pictures and all technical characteristics of the new models can be seen at the related pages of this website.

26/11/10 - New Service Videos for cryoscopes and osmometers Print E-mail

New service videos about our cryoscopes and osmometers are now available! Our authorized distributors can download them from our hidden and password-protected "Download" section of this website.

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