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23/3/12 - Astor Multi Centrifuge with the Mojonnier Rotor is back! Print E-mail

We are happy to inform you that our Astor Multi Centrifuge is now available with the optional Rotor M for the Mojonnier method.

21/3/12 - Osmometer Cryobasic 1: new version with an extended analytical range and minimum sample volume Print E-mail

We take the pleasure to announce the official launch of our new version of the Osmometer Cryobasic 1.

This new release includes better characteristics, such as an extended measurement range from 0 to 3.000 mOsm and a minimum sample volume of 30 microliters only. Also, the new version of this Osmometer uses a new and much more affordable plastic tube, which reduces the cost/test to a very low level.

The Osmometer Cryobasic 1, new version, is available for your order and ready for the delivery.

27/7/11 - Neutralizers Test: official launch of our new kit for the detection of added neutralizers in milk or cream Print E-mail

Astori Tecnica has just launched a new rapid kit for the immediate determination of added neutralizing agents in milk, whey or cream samples: Neutralizers Test.

This new product is very simple and it can be used everywhere, without the need of laboratory equipments, tools or special techniques. An immediate colorimetric reaction reveals the presence of added neutralizers in the sample: NaOH, KOH, ammonia, carbonates, bicarbonates, other alkalis and substances with neutralizing effects can be easily detected by Neutralizers Test.

More details can be found in the related page of this website.

2/5/11 - New worldwide exclusivity: Kappa Test Print E-mail

Astori Tecnica has recently entered a new commercial agreement for the worldwide exclusive distribution of the Kappa Test, a new ELISA kit for the quantitative determination of k-Casein B in cow milk.

It has been scientifically proven that higher concentrations of k-Casein B in cow milk give higher cheese yields and a better curd firmness. Farmers may select their cows in order to increase their population of type-BB animals and so have milk with higher concentrations of k-Casein B.

Since higher concentrations of k-Casein B in milk mean higher cheese yields and more profits for the dairy industries, it is possible to set a prize policy for the farmers according to the measured concentration of k-Casein B in their milk, which should be monitored periodically.

Kappa Test is a very unique product, being covered by an international patent, worldwide.

More information can be found at the related page of this website, as usual.

22/4/11 - AstorBath: the new universal waterbath Print E-mail

Astori Tecnica is proud to announce the release of a new universal digital waterbath: AstorBath.

Thanks to its robust structure and its high bath in stainless steel, this equipment can be used in all laboratory applications that require a waterbath.

The Gerber method and all microbiological uses are only ones of the possible applications: the butyrometers can be incubated under the water level including their graduated scale, whereas tubes, bottles and other high containers can be easily thermostated.

More information can be found in the related pages of this website, as usual.

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