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13/6/14 - Quick Afla M1Strip Test, new rapid kit for Aflatoxin M1 in milk Print E-mail

We are proud to announce the international launch of our new kit for the qualitative/semiquantitative determination of Aflatoxin M1 in milk samples: Quick Afla M1 Strip Test.

This complete kit allows the test to be run in 10 minutes only, ensuring reliable results with visual reading or by means a specific reader. The kit requires no incubator, nor any optional accessory or consumable.

The test can be realized everywhere, on every kind of bench and even in a office. The kit comes with all that is needed for the analysis, including a reusable 200-microliter micropipette and the disposable plastic tips.

Quick Afla M1 Strip Test is based on European (50 ppt). When the kit is used in combination with the RDS-1500 PRO Strip Reader, the results are quantitative within the range 10 - 350 ppt approx.. 

More details can be found here.