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20/3/14 - Improved version of the Osmometers Cryobasic 20 and CryoStyle 40 Print E-mail

The Osmometers Cryobasic 20 and CryoStyle 40 are now available in their upgraded version with an extended analytical range from 0 to 3000 mOsm/Kg and a new sample volume between 50 and 200 µl.

It is now possible to use disposable plastic tubes, which are the perfect solution for all clinic-biologic applications and to test samples that may be contaminated or potentially dangerous.

These carousel-based models are the only osmometers in the world that allow automatic analyses of more samples at a time, without the presence of an operator, with the new and above mentioned characteristics.

More details about these great equipments can be found in their related pages of this website.